November 28

Best Way To Create A Niche Facebook Audience







What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

A Custom Audience on Facebook is a group of people on Facebook selected by different aspects, for example:

  • Specific Location (Countries or even specific cities, individual or bulk)
  • Age range from 13 to 65+
  • Language
  • Detailed Targeting like specific interests and demographics
  • Connection Types like “Friends of people who like your page” or “Exclude people who like your page”

Facebook Custom Audiences were created as a complement of the different Types of Facebook Ads. This way, when you create an ad, you can reach people that really care about a specific topic or business.

That said, a Facebook Custom Audience is the synonym of your Target Market in business or at least it should be created that way.

There are different types of Facebook Custom Audiences:

  • Customer Audiences:
  1. Customer File
  2. Website Traffic – Facebook Custom Audience Pixel
  3. App Activity
  4. Engagement on Facebook
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Saved Audience

How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience?

To create an audience, you´ll find the “Audiences” option in the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor.

Facebook Custom Audience

Here, you’ll be able to choose from the different Facebook Custom Audiences.

Types of Facebook Custom Audiences

If you are inside a Business Manager Account, you’ll find the Create Audience button with the same options.

Facebook Custom Audience Menu

To create a Facebook Custom Audience, click on “Create a Custom Audience” or “Custom Audience”. You´ll be shown different types of Facebook custom audiences.

Create Custom Audience Facebook

Customer File Custom Audience

A Customer File Audience is created when you upload a text file in .txt and .csv format, this can include records on separate lines or in a list separated by commas.

This text file can include:

  • Emails
  • App Users
  • Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Advertiser IDs

This way, you can upload a list of your previous customers in order to target your Facebook ads to make more sells from people registered on Facebook that are more likely to buy again.

To create a Customer File Audience, click on “Customer File” and you’ll be asked to upload a text file.

Remember that Facebook will only include the emails of your customer list file that matches with the Facebook existing accounts, probably around 60% – 80%.

Customer File Facebook Custom Audience

Website Traffic – Facebook Custom Audience Pixel

With the Website Traffic Audience, you can create a group of people who visit your website or you can actually create an audience of people who visit a specific page of your website. e.g. Newsletter Sign up

To make this custom audience work, you must install a Facebook Retargeting Pixel in your Website.

There are 9 specific actions called “standard events” that you can actually measure:

  1. View Content
  2. Search
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Add to wishlist
  5. Initiate Checkout
  6. Add payment Info
  7. Make Purchase
  8. Lead
  9. Complete Registration

The Facebook Retargeting Pixel helps you to identify the actions made by your visitors and this way Facebook automatically adds people to your audience when they do specific actions e.g. Make Purchase

This way you can identify your visitors in customers, people interested in buying, people interested in your content, etc. With this valuable information you´ll be able to make better decisions when you advertise.

To create a Website Traffic Audience, click on “Website Traffic” and you’ll be asked to create a Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Custom Audience Pixel

Here, you can learn How to Set Up Remarketing on Facebook by installing the Facebook Retargeting Pixel.

App Activity Custom Audience

The App Activity Audience is an audience created from the users of your own app. You can group people who take specific actions within your app, which are called App Events. These are the current actions you can target:

  • Achieved Level
  • App Launched
  • Added Payment Info
  • Added to Cart
  • Added to Wishlist
  • Completed Registration
  • Completed Tutorial
  • Initiated Checkout
  • Purchased
  • Rated
  • Searched
  • Spent Credits
  • Unlocked Achievement
  • Viewed Content

You are able to choose a specific action from the previous list or you can actually choose a type of action:

  • Action Taken
  • Action not Taken
  • Combined Action
  • Segment

This way you can target your ads to a very specific group of people in order to achieve your business goals.

To create an App Activity Audience, you must register your App and set up events to reach users.

App Activity Custom Audience Facebook

Here you can learn how to add your app events.

Engagement on Facebook Custom Audience

This is a new type of audience that involves everyone on Facebook who had engaged with your content on Facebook.

You can create an Engagement on Facebook Audience by clicking on the “Engagement on Facebook” option located in the Custom Audiences Menu.

For now, you can create an audience from two kind of engagement:

  • People who spent time watching your videos on Facebook.
  • People who opened or completed a form in your lead ads on Facebook.

Engagement Custom Audience Facebook

If you choose Video, you’ll be asked to set the type of engagement.

Facebook Custom Audience Engagement

You’ll also be asked to set the number of days people will remain in your audience after they engage with your video. People will be removed from your audience after the set time period unless they engage with the content again.

If you choose Lead Ad, you’ll be asked to select your existing lead form. You create lead forms when you create lead ad campaigns. Select a form to remarket to people who have engaged with this form in the past.

You’ll be able to choose who you want to include in your audience based on the kind of engagement they had with your form and enter the number of days you want people to remain in your audience after they’ve opened your lead form. People will be removed from your audience after this time unless they open your lead form again.

Facebook Custom Audience Engagement

Lookalike Audience

While the previous custom audiences are created from people already interacting in some way with you and your business, a Lookalike audience is a group of persons that are not connected with you yet but are very likely to become your customers.

¿Why? Because a Lookalike audience is a group of people with very similar profiles and interests as your customer’s audiences.

By creating a Lookalike audience, you can select an existing custom audience of your customers and this way Facebook studies the information of all your customers and then searches for those Facebook users that have similar profiles and interests. This is a great way to find new customers fast, and a lookalike audience is usually bigger than your custom audiences.

You can create a Lookalike from different sources:

  • Your Custom Audiences of your Customers
  • Your Fanpage Fans
  • A Facebook Pixel

To create a Lookalike audience, click on “Lookalike Audience”.

Facebook Cusotm Audience Lookalike Audience

You’ll be asked to select:

  • Source
  • Country
  • Audience Size

The smaller your audience size the better, because it is more likely to match your target market. When you add your source and country you’ll be shown the estimated reach of your audience in each size from 1 to 10.

Lookalike Custom Audience Facebook

Saved Audience

This is a very useful way to save specific audiences that you often use in your ad sets. A saved audience helps the ad process fast and easy by just selecting an audience from a list instead of setting each audience feature.

You can create a Saved Audience from scratch for future ads by clicking con “Audiences” in Ads Manager. You’ll find the “Saved Audience” option in the “Create Audience” drop down menu.

Facebook Custom Audience Saved Audience

You can also create a Saved Audience when you are defining your audience while you are creating a new ad. You´ll find the option to “Save this audience” and it will be available for future ads.

 Custom Audience Facebook Saved Audience

Or you can actually create it from an existing ad set or you can save it just before you set it when you are creating an ad or ad set.

As you can see, a Facebook Custom Audience is the best way to reach the people that really matters your business, it is up to you to implement it and analyze your own results.

November 24

1000 Facebook Friends But Can’t Get A Dollar

I just don’t get it. People go on facebook everyday expressing their emotion and opinions to total strangers they claim to know and be friends with. So why is it that out everyone you know you can get no money from when an emergency happens. If they were your real friends and you had real relationships with them you would have no shame in asking them. Instead you contact the 1-2 friends that you know and you ask them or rather beg them to help keep your faulty facebook front going. Facebook is a front and should be banned from the internet. Have you ever asked yourself of all the people on facebook you claim to know how many are your real friends in real life who actually really gives a damn about and truly want good things for you and support you?